Location de vacances lac d'Annecy

A 500 mètres du lac, vue Lac et Montagnes

Location quatre saisons


                      Residence de Tourisme      CHALET BONHEUR - Blason de Savoie  lac_annecy_romantique

CHALET BONHEUR - Lake Annecy to rent

Annecy city:

Annecy city is about at 30 minutes by car from "CHALET BONHEUR" (it all depends of the traffic). You will be happy to hang about  in these  average city and particularly in the old town with canals, which seems looks like Annecy to Venice. In Annecy, lake is never far from you are and in any case, you will be able to appreciate if sunrise, his turquoise color. You will appreciate too the limpidity of the lake water. You will also appréciate the historical patrimony with castel and churchs and the famous place where Jean-Jacques Rousseau met Miss de Stael.
You will find a lot of typicals restaurants by the side of canals. The gourmets  could test the best  gastronomic restaurants  inside Annecy and all around the lake.



CHALET BONHEUR - Shuttle to ship to Annecy :


At 600 meters  from "Chalet Bonheur", you will find the pier from where you will be able to ship to Annecy. The shuttle links all villages and towns situated all around Annecy lake. You can ship to Annecy and any other places  from "Chalet Bonheur", without needing to take your car. You will go on a cruise with a pleasant scenery.





From CHALET BONHEUR, to go round the lake :

It’s difficult to talk about it, because there are so many nice places to see. "Veyrier du Lac" and his picturesque pear - Menthon Saint-Bernard an his wonderful castel - The "Roc de Chère" and his 16 holes golf - The "Saint-Germain hermit chapel" and his unforgettable view on Talloires and the lake - The village and the pear of Talloires - The medieval village of Duingt and his castel on a peninsula - " The pear of Saint-jorioz and the long littoral walk, between reads and nice houses.




Just near CHALET BONHEUR - Swimming and aquatic sports :

Three beaches are  accessible from "CHALET BONHEUR" (two small one and one large), they are all free. It's possible to rent motor, rowing or pedal boats on the beach of Doussard or all around the lake. They are so many beaches you can rich with your bicyclyour or your car.

LAKE ANNECY - Read area at the bottom of lake Annecy:

It is a natural place which has been organised to protect the flora and fauna, and, at the same time, to allow nice family walks. Two rivers runs accross it and many sorts of animals leave there, as beavers, boars and so many birds. A really nice walk on a route perfectly equiped with wood pontoons. The parking from where you can start is situated at about 1 km from "CHALET BONHEUR", but it is possible to go into it from the beach of Doussard if you would prefer don't take your car. For that, you will use a new suspension and wood bridge. A beautiful walk into the Queen nature.





CHALET BONHEUR - The 2 Golfs, just near :

Le Golf de Giez, entre lac et montagnes

"CHALET BONHEUR" is situated between  two outstanding golfs course :The first one is "Talloires Golf" and the second one is "Giez Golf". There are boths situated between lake and mountains.


The Golf course of Talloires is situated ont the "Roc de Chère", in the middel and really near of the lake. The view is really nice and you can see all the mountains on the east side of the lake (Tournette mountain, Dents de Lanfon, Lanfonnet, etc.). A wonderfull place and sightseeing.




GOLF COURSE OF TALLOIRES, by the side of the lake.

Golf du Lac d'Annecy
Route du Golf
74 290 Talloires
(33) 04 50 60 12 89
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The golf course of Giez is situated at the south bottom of Annecy lake. The round of golf give you a wonderful panorama between "Mont Blanc" on the right side and the lake of Annecy on the left side. This situation gives it a particular topography so original.


Two rounds of Golf are proposed to you :

Le Belvédère : 18 holes
Les Castors : 9 holes
GOLF COURSE OF GIEZ, between lake and mountains.
304, Route du Thovey
74210 Giez


CHALET BONHEUR - Hike in mountain:


You can go for a walk directly from "Chalet Bonheur" to go for exemple, to : The mountain of  "Taillefer" and the "Entrevernes valley"; climb to the old mine from Lathuile or planning to climb on the "Charbon mountain".  For the last one, it is possible to sleep in a gite with a couple of shepherds in the middle of maountain pasture. Possibilities all around of "CHALET BONHEUR" are innumerable with differents massifs as "Bauges, Aravis, Beaufortain" at less than one hour by car from "Chalet Bonheur".





ANNECY LAKE - Cycle and cycle lane :

La piste cyclable au bord du lac d'Annecy


The cycle lane is situated at 400 meters from "CHALET BONHEUR". She starts from Annecy and ended to Albertville, with nearly 50 kms. On one part, it runs along the lake to Annecy, with wonderful views on the lake and nature.  On the other part, it goes to Albertville by Faverges and Ugine. Some long straight lines goes in a surrounding landscape and nature. For the cycle champions, so many pass are easily accessible for them : Forclaz pass, Semnoz pass, Aravis pass, Marais pass, Leschaux pass and some others.



ANNECY LAKE - Paraglider :


"Le col de la Forclaz" is the most important european center of paragliders, thanks to a wonderful site which dominates the lake of Annecy. In summer you can see from the chalet terrace so many paragliders who jumps into space from "Le col des sauts". Amateurs already knows this place and it is not necessary to give them more details. Others can go to see this nice spectacle or to do a first flight with a paraglider professionnal.








ANNECY LAKE - Saint-Germain, Hermitage of Talloires

Locattion lac d'Annecy - Ermitage St-GermainSaint-Germain Hermitage is a high spiritual place by the side of Annecy lake , which was build in XIe century. "Saint-Germain", benedictin monk, founding of the "Talloires abbey", decided to retire himself in this cave to lead an hermit life, based on prayer, solitude and penitence.


Later, from XVIe century, the hermitage welcome another Holy man, "Saint-François de Sales", bishop of geneva, who choose this hermitage to spend the last years of his life "with our goose quill and our rosary". This text has been extract from the following website :


 To day, this hermitage is a haven of peace and contemplation for each person who is looking for natural and surnatural beauty.


It feels a kind of magic in this exceptionnal place, situated out of the main touristic roads. You will take your breath away with the Talloires bay, the lake of Annecy and the mountains all around. This place is without any doubt, deeply spiritually charged.


An advice : It is not easy to go to this place and there are few places to park your car. You could let yout car in Talloires and walk to the Saint-Germain Hermitage. You need 30 to 45 minutes and your pleasure will be multiplied by ten. We usually do it ourselves regularly. We will give you all informations to go to like that. It is the best meaning to do it.

CHALET BONHEUR - Bauges park :

Le chamois dans son environnement naturel


The Bauges natural and regional parc is a protected zone in the muiddle of the Queen nature. You will find a lot of paths from where you could see  so many animals like "chamois, ibex"… You could climb at the top of so many mountains like : « La Sambuy, Le Trélod and l’Arcalod » and so many others ; it all depends of your experience and of your training. Bauges massif is also an area where it is possible to savour some very good cheese, and for exemple, la  « Tome de Savoie ».

Photo of the Bauges natural and regional park :



LAKE ANNECY - "The lake of Annecy day", the famous party :

fete du lac d'annecy


Every year, the first Saturday of august, the lake of Annevcy day happens. The theme is changing every year (It was the rainbow in 2013). These party is organised all around two spectacles at the same time. A procession of boats decorated like the theme choosen, and a firework display wich is grandiose. All the spectacle take place on the green of the « Pâquier », by the side and just in front of the lake.





LAKE ANNECY - "The 14 of July Firework" :

annecy, le feu d'artifices du 14 juillet

What it is possible to say about this so nice  firework ? It is probably one of the most wonderful spectacle we have ever seen. It is given from the same place of the lake Annecy day, by the side of the lake, from the green of « Pâquier ». This spectacle is free.

Reprodution rights for the two above photo :


Here is the main things we are able to say and there are so many others activities : bicycle, spring toboggan, canyoning, climbing and all activities links with mountains and snow during the winter. Some others places like « Tamié Abbay » the « Ire comb »…And also festivals like : « Italian Festival », «  animated films of Annecy festival », etc. In any case, we are sure you will have no risk to be bored by the side of the Annecy lake. If you come for the first time, you will come back.