Location de vacances lac d'Annecy

A 500 mètres du lac, vue Lac et Montagnes

Location quatre saisons


                      Residence de Tourisme      CHALET BONHEUR - Blason de Savoie  lac_annecy_romantique


Annecy lake to rent - Haute-Savoie Climate :

It is temperated  by the lake and the four seasons gives some beautiful and nice days.

annecy le grand lacThe summer season :
It is often warm but we are in an mountains area, and it is pleasant to generaly  find some coolness at the end of the afternoon.


End of autumn :
From september to november, the weather is often nice. It is often possible walk on mountain paths with a simple tee-shirt,  at the beginning of november.


Winter season :
We have quite often some sunny and cold days, very favourable for walking with sports shoes or with snow shoes in the nearly Bauges. If you would prefer skiing you will be happy to do it  at less than 30 minutes by car from  « Chalet Bonheur ». "La Clusaz"   and "The Grand Bornand" are situated at less than one hour by car from  « Chalet Bonheur ». It’s also possible to do so many invigoratings walks , all around the lake in winter, before to coming  back to « Chalet Bonheur » in a warm comfort.

Spring season :
In this period, the weather is sometimes changeable but it is possible to have some beautiful periods with warm  temperatures in march. April is uncertain and may generally  nice.

Chaparon-Lathuile : live in the fresh air

Air quality to Chaparon Lathuile